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Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Our street has never been great for Halloween, too much traffic, not enough children or playful spirits around ... Some argue it is an American tradition (Irish I think  to start with) and therefore shouldn't be celebrated here in Australia. I think it's too much of good occasion to dress up and quite frankly, the children simply love it. Why missing out on a great time and later on on great memories? So we ignore our sad street and walked to the next block where Halloween is celebrated for all the good reasons;  neighbours chat and share a drink, children excitedly fill up their bag one lolly at a the time with lots of smiles and thank you. The way it should be.

If I don't go to great extents to decorate the house, I make sure I have a little surprise in store.

And of course we dress up.
Mia wanted to be an owl this year. I wasn't going to argue; inspired by  great pics from My Owl Barn, (you should visit, the calendar is printable and free!)

 I knew just what to do.

 It started with many layers, a simple draw-string dress, a pair of wings,

and of course, a mask.

She might not have been the scariest,

but she sure was pretty!

Louis was scary for both of them anyway!


"I really don't get how you fly with these wings!"

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week end project : Long Chairs Quick Revamp

This year, we are working hard on the garden. We love tropical gardens and since our trip to Bali we are longing for palms and bamboos, lush greens and vibrant colours.

We are still a long way from a tropical retreat, so while the plants are growing, I thought I'd add instant colour with a long overdue long chairs revamp.

The existing canvas was still in good condition, just stained and quite boring. So I simply stitched over the right side.

We also had this "Thomas the Tank" long chair found at a garage sale. It was time to say goodbye to the smiling engine too.

The chairs could have done with some sanding and oiling but sometimes you need a project to happen fast. I would have had simply no time to do it all. So I settled for new covers only and I'm glad I did! The job was done in a couple of hours and the chairs look great in the garden!

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Princess and the pea.

If you have checked my boards on Pinterest, you know that I am obssessed with the Princess and the pea tale. Here some of the things I've pinned.
(If you want to see them all click here.)

All these layers of matresses are just an invitation for colours, fabric, and a mix-match of prints. How stimulating! I have been dying to make my own version of the Princess and the pea for a while now. But the question was: "Where to put?" We've got all the beds we need at home. So the idea stayed in the back drawer of my mind, the one labelled: One day, until this drawer was suddenly pulled opened when Antoine and I recently had the chance to purchase an old wooden wagon.
(Pics to come soon)
There is quite a lot of work to be done before thinking about the bedding. Still, the idea stayed with me this time and inspired as I was I needed to somehow, translate the idea.  So until I make my own "mattresses spectacular", I did this with Christmas in mind and I love it!

Princess and the pea of course.

with ten mattresses, 

All different,

 All pretty,

For one true Princess,

or maybe two ...

With pretty linen (remember the vintage pillowcases from the September challenge ...)

and a simple skirt ...

 A mini dresser, (See October finds in Op shop label or click here)

to match it all ...

Good night Princess ...

This cute set will be given together with the book. I've chosen this edition from Lauren Child:

Because it reminds me of the Princesses Mia draws,

A very cute Christmas present, cheap, easy and so fun to make ... my dad is talking about making a small four posters bed. Yipee!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Old Fashion Fair ... with circus flair.

Last Sunday was the Brookvale Oval fair. Antoine used to go as a kid and was keen on reviving his cherish memories. So off we went with his parents and sister.
I was so pleasantly surprised to find this:

A Circus Playground!

 Mia was just as thrilled as I was!

Walking sticks, tight rope, juggling, Hula Hoops ...

You could try everything for free. 

 There were clowns,

and "Robert Bubbleman" with a fantastic Bubble Show.

Of course, there were also rides and jumping castles, animals, a band and an ecstatic crowd ...

You've got to love these crowd shots ...

We concluded the day with the inevitable poney ride. We actually took turn queuing up for this and after a good 40 mimutes, it was finally Mia's turn.

And as always, she loooved it!

Sitting in line in memory lane ... 30 years ago, guess who was riding the poney...